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The Capitoline Museums are divided into "Palazzo dei Conservatori" and "Palazzo Nuovo" both in Capitol Square. They were founded by Sisto IV in 1471, extended by Pio V and opened to visitors by Clemente XII in 1734


Starting from the courtyard, you can admire the gigantic statue of Oceano. In the rooms on the ground-floor there is the sarcophagus Amendola on which you can see a Roman work of II century representing the fight between Greeks and Galatians. Besides, you can stop to admire the enormous statue of Mars and the equestrian statue of Marco Aurelio transported here from Capitol Square after its restoration. In the "Gabinetto della Venere", on the first floor, you can see the Venere Capitolina that is a marble Roman copy of the hellenistic statue dating back to the III century. In the Emperors' room you can observe 65 busts of Roman Emperors and the Amazzone ferita, a splendid copy of the original statue of Cresila, dated back to the V century B.C. Besides, you can find the Galata Morente which represents a mortally wounded warrior found in the XVI century. It is the Roman copy of the original statue sculptured by pupils from Pergamum school


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Prospero Lambertini

Tiziano Vecellio
Guido Reni
Michelangelo Merisi
Arnolfo Di Cambio
Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo
Carlo Maratta
Bartolomeo Passarotti
Diego Rodriguez do Silva Velazquez
Pietro Berrettini
Peter Paul Rubens
Gaspar Van Wittel
Giovanni Francesco Barbieri
Pier Francesco Mola (Pittore) con i dipinti "Cacciata di Agar e Ismaele" e "David ammonito da Nathan" databile nel periodo 1660 - 1666.


Anton Van Dyck (Pittore), Barnaba Da Modena (Pittore), Benvenuto Tisi said Garofalo (Pittore), Carlo Saraceni said Veneziano (Pittore), Denijs Calvaert (Pittore), Domenico Zampieri said Domenichino (Pittore), Federico Zuccari (Pittore), Francesco Albani (Pittore), Francesco Cairo (Pittore), Francesco Raibolini said Francesco Francia (Pittore), Francois Perrier (Pittore), Giovanni Antonio Sogliani (Pittore), Giovanni Battista Benvenuti said Ortolano (Pittore), Giovanni Bonconsiglio said Marescalco (Pittore), Giovanni Francesco Romanelli (Pittore), Giovanni Lanfranco (Pittore), Giovanni Luteri said Dosso Dossi (Pittore), Giuseppe Cesari said Cavalier D'Arpino (Pittore), Ippolito Scarsella said Scarsellino (Pittore), Jacopo Bassano said Jacopo da Ponte (Pittore), Jacopo Negretti said Palma il vecchio (Pittore), Jacopo Robusti said Tintoretto (Pittore), Luca Cambiaso (Pittore), Ludovico Carracci (Pittore), Ludovico Mazzoli said Mazzolino (Pittore), Macrino D'Alba (Pittore), Maestro della Dormitio di (Pittore), Michelangelo Cerquozzi said Michelangelo delle Battaglie (Pittore), Neri di Bicci (Pittore), Niccolò di Pietro Gerini (Pittore) ... (are listed only the first 30)

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