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It is placed in front of Corsini Palace, in "via della Lungara". It was constructed from 1506 up to 1510 according to Agostino Chigi's will, who was a Sienese banker. After the banker's death, this villa underwent a period of decay, during which, many works of art, kept here, were taken away. In 1577 this villa was acquired by cardinal Alessandro Farnese. Since then it was named "Villa Farnesina"


It is characterized by a central block with a loggia consisting of five arcades and by two lateral outposts. The simple design of the building matches very well the surrounding garden. Moving from the nineteenth-century atrium, you can reach directly the "Loggia di Psiche", admirably frescoed in 1517 by Raffaello's pupils. From the loggia you can approach directly the room of Galatea, the ceiling of which was decorated by Peruzzi in 1511. The most important fresco in this room is the famous Raffaello's "Galatea". At its top storey there is the splendid great room of the "Prospettive", frescoed by Peruzzi and his pupils in 1518. You can also admire the Cabinet of the Print, a collection of rare prints, founded in 1895 in order to keep Corsini's prints and designs

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Villa Farnesina
Distance: 21 meters

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