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Domus Aurea -

Location and History

It is situated on the Oppian hill in "via della Domus Aurea". The sumptuous Nero's villa was closed to visitors during the 80's; since June 25th 1999 you can again visit and appreciated it. It was built after the disastrous fire occurred in 64 A.D.


The vast rooms are fully adorned with stucco-works and paintings, from which the Renaissance artists got their inspiration for that particular decoration called "grotesque". Of big effect the "Octagonal room" and the one of the "Golden Vault". Through a pre-planned itinerary of 32 rooms you can visit: the Ulysses and Polyphemus's room, the Golden Vault's room, Achilles Asciro's room, the complex of the Octagonal room and Hector and Andromache's room.

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Lucio Domizio Enobardo Nerone (Imperatore) costruž dopo il grande incendio che devastÚ Roma nel 64.

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