Arch of Constantine

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Arch of Constantine -

Location and History

It rises not far from the Coliseum at the end of the Via Sacra. It marks the limit between Roman Forum and Coliseum area.


It is the greatest of the three Roman triumphal arches. It is 25 meters high. It was built during a period in which Rome began its decline in favour of Constantinople, that is the reason why, as Roman wealth had lowered, the arch was realized with marbles taken out from ancient buildings and preexisting monuments. In its composition statues and decorations, originally located elsewhere, were also set. All the materials were used to create polychromatic effects. The different elements, all together, either artistically or historically, make it highly representative of Roman architecture. On the wall, in front of the Coliseum, you can see, in fact, the representation of Mark Aurelius struggling against the Dacians; on the opposite side, you can see episodes of the battles fought by Mark Aurelius and Constantine.

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