Portico d'Ottavia

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Location and History


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Gauio Giulio Cesare Augusto

Area Sacra di Largo Argentina Distance: 312 meters

Basilica of St. Mark the Evangelist
Distance: 395 meters

Chiesa del Gesù Distance: 377 meters

Palazzo dei Conservatori Distance: 48 meters

Palazzo Mattei di Giove Distance: 167 meters

Palazzo Venezia
Distance: 406 meters

The Capitol
Distance: 142 meters

San Carlo ai Catinari Distance: 192 meters

San Nicola in Carcere Distance: 152 meters

Santa Caterina dei Funari Distance: 168 meters

Santa Maria in Campitelli Distance: 102 meters

Sinagoga Distance: 51 meters

Teatro di Marcello Distance: 43 meters

  • Nearby museums

Museum of Palazzo Venezia Distance: 406 meters

Distance: 254 meters


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