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Monuments in Rome

San Luigi dei Francesi

In this church, built in 1589 by Domenico Fontana according to Giacomo Della Porta's design, many masterpieces are kept. Among which the famous works by Caravaggio Martirio di San Matteo, Vocazione di San Matteo and San Matteo e l'angelo.

Monuments in Rome - San Luigi dei Francesi
The French National church, founded in 1518, was completed only in 1589. It faces the homonymous square. 


Itinerario in piazza Navona
The imposing façade made out of travertine, has a balcony in its middle and two orders of Corinthian parastades from Tuscania with niches and statues by Pierre l'Estache. This church has three aisles divided by Ionic pillars. It is famous because it keeps tombs of many French personages and important masterpieces. The frescoes in the second right chapel representing scenes of Saint Cecily's life, are among the best works by Domenichino. Another remarkable work of art you can admire is the "Assunzione" by Francesco Bassano. However the most famous works are kept in the aisle of Saint Matthew, where you can find, on the right wall, the "Martirio di San Matteo", on the left wall, the "Vocazione di San Matteo", and on the altar, "San Matteo e l'Angelo", which are masterpieces by Caravaggio.
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